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AT-PR: DC Current 0/4~20mA, Voltage 0/1~5/10V (switchable)
Output Loop: Dual Output
Input : 4 – 20mA
Output 1: 4 – 20mA
Output 2: 4 – 20mA
Aux Power: 85 – 264VAC


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Adtek AT series converter/distributor primarily designed for use in the general signal conversion and isolation circuit as 4~20mA、0~10V、Thermocouple(Type K, J, E, T), Rtd (Pt100Ω), Load Cell, Potentiometer, and AC Voltage/Current…, Complete models.

This is a slim body design of the signal converter/distributor. In addition to providing two groups of signal output (Isolation) or 24V excitation supply for the transmitter used, the switching power supply will provide installation convenience. The top and designed power supply, input and output indicators, and removable terminal blocks to facilitate on-site construction and working status view.

ModelMeasurement/InputAnalog OutputExcitation Output
AT-VAAC/DC Voltage 0~150V, 0~300V, 0~500V(specify)
AC/DC Current 0 ~ 5A, 0~1A(specify),
DC 0~50mV, 0~60mV, 0~75mV, 0~100mV
1 or 2NA
AT-PRDC Current 0/4~20mA, Voltage 0/1~5/10V (Choose DP-type,switchable)1 or 2Option 24V/30mA
AT-TRRTD Temperature PT100Ohm1 or 2NA
AT-TCThermo-couple temperature Type K, J, E, T1 or 2NA
AT-SGStrain Gauge 0~1.0mV/~2.0mV/~3.0mV/~4.0mV per 1 voltage supply110V/30mA
AT-PM Potentiometer 0~2.0kΩ(3 wire), 2.0kΩ~100.0kΩ(3 wire)1 or 2NA
AT-RSResistance 0~200Ω/~200KΩ(2 wire)1 or 2 


  • Output for 0~5V / 0~10V / 1~5V / 2~10V / 4~20mA / 0~20mA changeable by dip switches and terminals
  • Dual different signals output available
  • LED indications for power, input and output status
  • 0.1% accuracy available in option
  • 17.5 mm thin profile and 35mm DIN rail mounting
  • CE Approved & RoHS

Data Sheet: Adtek_AT-Series-Datasheet


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