Adtek AT Series Signal Converter

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AT-PR: DC Current 0/4~20mA, Voltage 0/1~5/10V (switchable)
Output Loop: Dual Output
Input : 4 - 20mA
Output 1: 4 - 20mA
Output 2: 4 - 20mA
Aux Power: 85 - 264VAC


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The Adtek AT series converter/distributor is a versatile solution designed for signal conversion and isolation in various applications. It supports multiple input types including 4~20mA, 0 ~ 10V, Thermocouple (Type K, J, E, T), Rtd (Pt100Ω), Load Cell, Potentiometer, and AC Voltage/Current, making it suitable for a wide range of requirements.

With its slim body design, the AT series converter/distributor offers two groups of isolated signal outputs or a 24V excitation supply for transmitters. The built-in switching power supply ensures easy installation. The top-mounted power supply, input and output indicators, and removable terminal blocks provide convenience for on-site construction and monitoring of the working status.

The Adtek AT series offers various models to meet different measurement and input requirements. See the table below for a summary of the models and their features:

ModelMeasurement/InputAnalog OutputExcitation Output
AT-VAAC/DC Voltage 0~150V, 0~300V, 0~500V(specify)
AC/DC Current 0 ~ 5A, 0~1A(specify),
DC 0~50mV, 0~60mV, 0~75mV, 0~100mV
1 or 2NA
AT-PRDC Current 0/4~20mA, Voltage 0/1~5/10V (Choose DP-type,switchable)1 or 2Option 24V/30mA
AT-TRRTD Temperature PT100Ohm1 or 2NA
AT-TCThermo-couple temperature Type K, J, E, T1 or 2NA
AT-SGStrain Gauge 0~1.0mV/~2.0mV/~3.0mV/~4.0mV per 1 voltage supply110V/30mA
AT-PM Potentiometer 0~2.0kΩ(3 wire), 2.0kΩ~100.0kΩ(3 wire)1 or 2NA
AT-RSResistance 0~200Ω/~200KΩ(2 wire)1 or 2 

Choose the Adtek AT series converter/distributor for reliable signal conversion, isolation, and excitation supply. Its comprehensive range of models ensures compatibility with various input types, while the user-friendly design facilitates installation and monitoring. Enhance your signal processing capabilities with the Adtek AT series and experience reliable and accurate results.

  • Flexible output options: Choose from 0~5V, 0~10V, 1~5V, 2~10V, 4~20mA, or 0~20mA by using the convenient dip switches and terminals
  • Dual signal output: Easily configure the device to provide two different output signals
  • Clear LED indications: Instantly know the power, input, and output status with the help of LED indicators
  • Precision accuracy: Option for 0.1% accuracy ensures reliable and precise measurements
  • Sleek and space-saving design: With its slim 17.5 mm profile, it easily fits into compact spaces and can be mounted on a 35mm DIN rail
  • Compliance and approval: CE Approved and RoHS compliant, meeting international standards

Data Sheet: Adtek_AT-Series-Datasheet


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