Founded in 2008, Celectric is an experienced Multi-Vendor Distributor of Process Control Instruments located in Penang, Malaysia



Process Instruments Distribution Channels

Celectric is Multi-Vendor Distributor, that focuses on Industrial Process Instruments. Celectric focuses on finding the best products for customer’s applications and not just what might meet a sales target.

Our distribution channel includes leading manufacturers, such as:


To become the backbone of all industries


Offer a wide range of well-known, high-reliability Process Instruments at a reasonable price with technical support

Our Promise


  • Delivering our commitments to meet customer expectations
  • Understand customer challenges and actively anticipate to their future requirements


  • Performing to the highest standards against the commitments we make internally to one another and externally to our customers
  • Developing resilient businesses that are best in class
  • Acting with urgency without compromising quality, safety, the environment, and our integrity


  • Fully apply our knowledge to solve customer problems


Technical Support

Celectric supports our customer through our continued Technical Support to our customer with our well-trained Technical Support Engineer.

Process Instruments Evaluation

Celectric provides FREE Instruments Evaluation Service, term and condition apply.

Calibration Services

Celectric provides On-site and Off-site Traceable Temperature and Pressure calibration at the moment. We plan to add more calibration fields in the future like Flow Calibration, Level Calibration, and many more.

Lifetime Technical Support

We offer lifetime technical support via phone and email for FREE. Yes, it is free for a lifetime.

FREE shipping

- ALL Local Shipment for any purchase.
Shipping within Southeast Asia will be USD50 flatrate


You can return or exchange the items if you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason. (Term & Conditions apply)

5 November 2021
Golden Bull Award 2021
Golden Bull Award 2021

Sharing our joy of winning the Emerging SME of the Golden Bull Award. 

19 March 2021
Celectric has Larger Space now

Celectric move into new factory space to prepare for large inventory.

2020 New image for Celectric
New Celectric Logo for new vision

New image for Celectric with newly designed Celectric Logo

2019 Becomes Official Distributor of Fortive Group
Fortive Group Official Distributor
2016 eCommerce Website Launched
Rebuilt our website with new eCommerce Functionality
2015 Moving to New Double Storey Shop Office
New Shop Office
2013 Second Vendor Brought On
Brought on Contrec as our Second Vendor
2009 First Employee Hired
Hiring First Employee
2009 First Vendor Brought On
Brought On Vogtlin as our First Vendor
2008 Celectric Founded
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