Setra LITE Visual Room Pressure Indicator



Accurate measurement harmony display

Setra Lite room pressure indicator provides a simple, reliable, yet cost-effective solution for accurate measurement and display in situations where room pressure differences need to be reported manually. It has a red and green halo to show the current room pressure difference status. For equipment supervisors, using the product means significantly reducing the time spent on back and forth inspections in these spaces.

Setra Lite™ Features

Setra Lite has many features of large monitoring equipment. For example, the bright circular light band can reach a viewing angle of 180 degrees, a digital display that reading can display on demand, a delay function set for the door opening time, and the selection of positive and negative pressure. And Setra Lite sensors still inherit the trusted accuracy and stability of Seat differential pressure products.

Easy installation

Setra LiteTM room pressure indicator is the same size as a standard light switch, and installation is just as easy. It is completely matched with the internationally available 86 box, and the power supply can also use 24VAC or 24VDC. Its pressure reference port is integrated into the front panel. BMS can adopt the analog output for more data storage and analysis management.

Setra LiteTM is compatible with Setra FLEXTM. Setra LiteTM can be installed in the preparation area, and the room pressure value is displayed in a certain logo of Setra FLEXTM.


  • Pressure monitoring options in medical compression areas
  • Save protective room-by-room inspections
  • Ultra-thin cool wall mounting panel
  • Simple installation saves minutes and seconds
  • Red / green halo visual alarm
  • Silent operation, no audible alarm
  • The halo is visible at a wide-angle, and the far end of the corridor is clear and visible.
  • Digital display can be displayed by K display or push button
  • All configuration via triangle button
  • Analog output for BMS system acquisition
  • Work with Setra FLEX to realize multi-space collaborative management


  • Sterile processing
  • Sterile storage
  • USP 800 compliance
  • Laundry
  • Hospital room monitoring
  • Infectious control
  • Endoscopy
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Replaces ball/tube through the wall pressure indicators
  • Simple single-room pressure indication for many pressurized healthcare spaces
  • Saves preventive maintenance from manually checking each room
  • Sleek and attractive single wall plate
  • Simple to install in minutes
  • Visual alarm via red/green light ring
  • Silent operation, no audible alarm
  • Offset light pipe that can be seen at an angle or down a hallway
  • Digital display can be always-on or momentary
  • Full configuration is easy, using just 3 buttons
  • Analog output provides pressure reading to BMS system
  • Works with Setra FLEX to serve rooms with multiple doors

Data Sheet: Setra Lite Datasheet
Instruction Manual: Setra Lite Operating Guide

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