Keram KDP210 Series Differential Pressure Transmitter

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Ranges: -4000 to +4000Pa
Display: LCD Backlight
Outputs: 4 ~ 10mA (2-Wires)


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Ranges: -1000 to +1000Pa
Display: LCD Backlight
Outputs: 4 ~ 10mA (2-Wires)


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The Keram KDP210 differential pressure transmitter has high precision, ultra-low & adjustable range, fast response characteristics, widely used in clean electronics and pharmaceutical factories, as well as large commercial buildings, medical centers and transportation hub.

  • Range from +/-100Pa to +/- 10000Pa
  • Auto zero manual calibration
  • Voltage, Current, Digital Signal Output
  • Backlight LCD Display
  • Accuracy: +/-1% of FS
  • Adjusting measurement time by setting button
  • External Mounting holes
    • Mounting with closed cover
    • Easy & Fast mounting
  • IP65 Protection
Measurement unitsPa, mmH2O, inWG, mmHG, kPa, mbar
Accuracy<+/-1% FS @ -5 to +65DegC
Response Time0.1s ; 0.5s ; 1s ; 2s
Repeatability+/-0.01 % at FS /year
Resolution1 Pa; 1mmH2O; 0.01 mbar; 0.04 inWG; 0.01 mmHG; 0.001 kPa
MediaAir and Neutral Gases
Operating temperature-20 to +80 DegC
Storage temperature-40 to +80 DegC
Power consumption<3 W
Tolerated overpressurex15
Power Supply16~30V DC(3-Wires), 18~30V DC(2-wires)
Output Signal4~20mA (2-wires)
4~20mA (3-wires)
0~5/0~10VDC (3-wires)
Modbus RS-485
Auto ZeroManual Calibration
Housing materialPolycarbonate & ABS, UL94V-0
Protection classIP65 / NEMA4
DisplayBacklight LCD Display
Cable GlandM16*1.5


Datasheet: Keram KDP210 Differential Pressure Transmitter Data Sheet
Instruction Manual: Keream KDP210 Installation Guide Air Differential Pressure Transmitter

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