Keram KDP210 Series Differential Pressure Transmitter

Ranges: -1000 to +1000Pa
Display: LCD Backlight
Outputs: 4 ~ 10mA (2-Wires)


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The Keram KDP210 differential pressure transmitter is a high-performance device that provides ultra-low and adjustable range measurements. It is perfect for a variety of industries such as clean electronics, pharmaceutical factories, large commercial buildings, medical centers, and transportation hubs.

This transmitter features an auto zero manual calibration that ensures accurate results every time. It also offers multiple output options including voltage, current and digital signal. The backlight LCD display makes it easy to read the measured values and the device’s precision of +/-1% of FS guarantees high accuracy.

Users can fine-tune the measurement process with the device’s easy-to-use adjusting measurement time by setting button. The KDP210 is easy and fast to mount, with external mounting holes and the ability to mount with a closed cover. It is also built to last, with an IP65 protection rating to guard against dust and water ingress.

In summary, the Keram KDP210 differential pressure transmitter is a reliable and high-performance device that offers precise measurement, fast response and easy operation making it a perfect choice for any facility or system.

  • Range from +/-100Pa to +/- 10000Pa
  • Auto zero manual calibration
  • Voltage, Current, Digital Signal Output
  • Backlight LCD Display
  • Accuracy: +/-1% of FS
  • Adjusting measurement time by setting button
  • External Mounting holes
    • Mounting with closed cover
    • Easy & Fast mounting
  • IP65 Protection
Measurement unitsPa, mmH2O, inWG, mmHG, kPa, mbar
Accuracy<+/-1% FS @ -5 to +65DegC
Response Time0.1s ; 0.5s ; 1s ; 2s
Repeatability+/-0.01 % at FS /year
Resolution1 Pa; 1mmH2O; 0.01 mbar; 0.04 inWG; 0.01 mmHG; 0.001 kPa
MediaAir and Neutral Gases
Operating temperature-20 to +80 DegC
Storage temperature-40 to +80 DegC
Power consumption<3 W
Tolerated overpressurex15
Power Supply16~30V DC(3-Wires), 18~30V DC(2-wires)
Output Signal4~20mA (2-wires)
4~20mA (3-wires)
0~5/0~10VDC (3-wires)
Modbus RS-485
Auto ZeroManual Calibration
Housing materialPolycarbonate & ABS, UL94V-0
Protection classIP65 / NEMA4
DisplayBacklight LCD Display
Cable GlandM16*1.5


Datasheet: Keram KDP210 Differential Pressure Transmitter Data Sheet
Instruction Manual: Keream KDP210 Installation Guide Air Differential Pressure Transmitter

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