Setra 470 Digital Pressure Transducer

Setra 470 Features

  • ±0.02% FS Accuracy
  • Bidirectional RS-232 Digital Communications I/O Port
  • Engineering Unit Conversions for Pressure and Altitude
  • Digital Altimeter Setting Indicator (DASI) and Corrected Altimeter Mode
  • Programmable Non-Linear Functions
  • Atmospheric pressure: 500, 600 or 800 – 1100 hPa/mb and PSIA

Setra’s 470T model is a versatile, high-precision digital pressure transmitter with a microprocessor. It combines Setra’s unique SETRACERAM® sensor, advanced digital circuitry, and proven software systems to deliver systems with ±0.02% accuracy (full scale) in a small, low-power package.
The Setraceram® sensor is the key to 470T’s high accuracy and stability. It utilizes a patented design that uses simple, stable material principles to achieve variable capacitance output with digital circuits with resolutions up to 1 ppm. The digital circuitry and software process the raw data into the corresponding (linearized and temperature compensated) outputs with an accuracy of 0.02% F.S. and output in the corresponding engineering units.
Pressure and altitude data can be accessed via the bidirectional RS-232 I/O port, which can be programmed by the user to output data continuously, intermittently, or on demand at an adjustable (300-9600) baud rate. Reports data as a simple string of ASCII characters, responding to commands consisting of ASCII characters, for example, P (for PRINT printing) instructs the device to report pressure readings.
The 470T model offers a variety of functions and operating modes accessible via the communication port: CONVERSION: converts the reported data into 7 pre-defined pressure engineering units (hPa, PSI,
One of mbar, in Hg, mm Hg, in H2O, mm H2O), a user-defined conversion factor or one of two height units (ft, m).
F (p): Converts the measured atmospheric pressure to sea level pressure as a digital altimeter adjustment indicator.
SETPOINT: Sets the high and low alarm points. This alarm point will be triggered when the pressure data exceeds the user-defined range.
MIN/MAX: Tracks and reports the minimum and maximum pressure data encountered during the sampling period based on the command.
ZERO: Tear all or part of the displayed reading.
SETUP: Access to a variety of setup functions such as baud rate adjustment, internal diagnostics, zero and span calibration.
PRINT: Reports data in the currently used engineering unit.
US Patent No. 4168518


    • The automated weather reporting system
    • Atmospheric pressure compensation for laser beam wavelength
    • Pressure transfer standard
    • Altimeter calibration recertification
    • Laboratory or production process monitoring
    • Height room
    • Meteorological data floating standard


  • Compliance with AWOS specifications
  • Wide temperature range
  • ± 0.02% full-scale accuracy
  • Two-way RS-232 digital communication I/O port
  • Unit conversion for pressure and height
  • Digital altimeter adjustment indicator (DASI) and modified altimeter mode
  • Hi (high) and Lo (low) alarm set points
  • Zero return / peeling function
  • Low power consumption
  • Min/Max Tracking

Data Sheet: Setra sku 470 Data Sheet
Instruction Manual: Setra sku 470 Operating Instructions

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