Setra 204 High Accuracy Gauge & Absolute Pressure Transducer

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  • +/-0.11% FS Accuracy
  • 0-5 VDC or 4-20mA Output
  • Fast Response, Less than 1ms
  • Fast Warm-Up
  • Excellent Thermal Effects
  • Low Output Noise
  • Solid One-Place Stainless Steel Sensor


Setra’s Type 204 pressure transmitter is the benchmark for gauge and absolute pressure measurement in the test and measurement industry. The decades-long history of installation has earned it a good reputation and is still the trusted choice for all critical applications. With an accuracy of ±0.073% FS and a wide operating temperature range, this model is superior to many similar products in the medium and high voltage market. In addition, a wide range of options is available while meeting the needs of simple and demanding applications.

Long-term reliability

The Model 204 Pressure Transmitter uses simple, reliable, and highly efficient variable capacitance sensing technology to provide repeatable, reliable readings in demanding applications.

Precision and performance

The Model 204 is a test and measurement-grade pressure transmitter for medium to high-pressure ranges. It offers a wide range of pressure range options with an accuracy of ±0.073% FS and a wide operating temperature range. The response time is less than 1 ms, far exceeding many similar products.

Standardized customization

Unlike many similar products, the Model 204 offers a variety of mechanical and electrical options that can be directly integrated into existing systems. This helps shorten engineering time and speed up project schedules and product launches.


  • Universal high precision pressure measurement
  • Research and measurement
  • Vacuum system
  • dynamometer
  • Engine test bench
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