MTT MS3749 Slim Plug-In High-Frequency Pulse Shaper (Pulse Isolator)

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The MTT MS3749 is a slim, plug-in high-frequency pulse shaper (pulse isolator) that accepts pulse train signals from sensors or other devices, shapes these pulses or converts signal levels, and provides isolated single or dual output. This model accepts line driver signals and features high frequency up to 200kHz with voltage pulse output.

  • Input: Dry contact, open collector (pull-up: approx. 12V, 3.3kΩ), AC voltage pulse (threshold voltage: approx. 0.06Vp-p), DC voltage pulse (threshold voltage: approx. 2V), 4 to 20mA DC pulse (threshold current: approx. 8mA), line driver pulse (receiver equivalent)
  • Output 1: TTL level, open collector, voltage pulse 10V+/-10%, voltage pulse 12V+/-±10%
  • Output 2: Line driver pulse (RS-422 driver output)
  • Isolated Single/Dual Output


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