Dwyer Series 1996 Gas Pressure Switch

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Reliable and convenient, the Series 1996 Gas Pressure Switches serve as a compact, low cost switch for gas fired furnaces and equipment. Pressure ranges for both models are ideal for high or low gas pressure interlock. Visible set point and on-off indicators add convenience in servicing. Use either NO or NC contacts on SPDT switch. Bottom connection has both 1/8″ female and 1/4″ male threads for pipe nipple or coupling. Top connection vents diaphragm chamber to outside or to furnace combustion chamber. Mount switch with diaphragm in a horizontal position and gas pressure connection at bottom. Used with natural, manufactured or LP gas.

For explosion-proof alternatives see Series 1950 or Series 1950G.

Product Applications

  • Gas furnaces
  • Natural, manufactured or LP gas applications

Service : Air, natural & manufactured gas, LP gas.

Wetted Materials : Consult factory.

Temperature Limits : 32 to 110°F (0 to 43.3°C). -30 to 110°F (-34.4 to 43.3°C) for dry gas or dry air.

Pressure Limits : 45″ w.c. (11.2 kPa) continuous; 10 psig (68.95 kPa) surge.

Switch Type : SPDT.

Electrical Rating : 15 A @ 120 to 480 VAC, 60 Hz. Resistive 1/8 HP @ 125 VAC, 1/4 HP @ 250 VAC, 60 Hz.

Electrical Connections : 3 screw type, common, normally open, normally closed.

Process Connections : 1/8″ female NPT or 1/4″ male NPT.

Vent Connection : 1/8″ female NPT.

Mounting Orientation : Diaphragm in horizontal position. Consult factory for other position orientations.

Set Point Adjustment : Screw type with visible indicator, inside conduit enclosure.

Weight : 1 lb 2.3 oz (349 g).

Agency Approvals : CE, CSA, FM, UL.

  • Visible set point and on-off indicator simplifies operation and trouble shooting
  • Compact size and low cost make it ideal for gas fired or gas equipment OEM applications

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