Adtek MT-DF DC to Frequency Converter & Isolator

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Output Loop: Single output
Input Range: 4~20mA
Output Range: Programmable 8 Ranges: 0~78.1 Hz to 0~10K Hz
Output Mode: Volt pulse  5Vp
Aux Power: AC 230V


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Experience the ultimate in customization with our advanced programmable input and output device. This versatile device offers four popular input ranges, all adjustable through user-friendly dip switches, allowing you to fine-tune your measurements to perfection. Additionally, you’ll have access to eight output ranges, providing unmatched flexibility to suit your unique requirements. For those seeking even greater control, the option of dual isolated outputs is available, ensuring reliability and precision. What sets us apart is our commitment to affordability without compromising on stability. Your investment is valuable, and we deliver high stability at a cost-effective price point. Trust in our device to unlock a world of possibilities, where precision, adaptability, and unwavering stability converge to meet your every need.

  • 4 popular Input and 8 Output Ranges Programmable by dip switches
  • Dual isolated output is available
  • Low cost and high stability

Datasheet: Adtek_MT-DF_DataSheet

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