Adtek CS2-TM-Pulse Flow Totalizer

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The Adtek CS2-TM(Pulse Input) is an innovation totalizer.

Adtek builds in high technology with a wide input range from 0.01Hz~ 140.00KHz with auto-range function at the same unit. There are three setting modes for K factor, 1/K factor, and flow speed to match the flow-meters’ difference output description.

The Totalizer provides high accuracy measurement, display, control, and communication (Modbus RTU mode) of Pulse from Flowmeter or encoder, proximity switch, photoswitch for length control.

There are two display screens and 3 external control inputs (DI) in standard and the optional 4 Relay, 1 Analogue, 1 Pulse, and RS485 port available. They also support fantastic control functions like N, R, C mode for totalizer and batch control.

  • Measuring Pulse auto range 0.01Hz~100KHz(optional:140KHz); Contact / NPN / PNP / Voltage Pulse can be switch on rear of meter
  • Accuracy of immediate Value: ± 0.005%; Decimal Point auto moving according to the input frequency
  • Dual display screen for 10 digital Totalizer or Batch counter + 4 2/3 Immediate Value (PV) or 6 digital Batch programmable.
  • 4 relay can be individual programmed to relative immediate value (PV) or totalizer/batch/batch counter.
  • Relative to Immediate Value (PV): Functions settable Energized Mode Hi / Lo / Hi (Lo) Hold / DO / Go,
  • Hysteresis‚ Energized Delay, De-energized Delay, Energized latch or Energized by an RS485 command.
  • Relative to Totalizer / Batch / Batch Counter: N / R / C mode and energized time programmable.
  • 3 external control inputs can be individually programmed for immediate value (PV) or totalizer/batch/batch counter.
  • Immediate Value (PV): PV Hold / Reset for Maxi. (or Mini.) Hold / DI / Reset for Relay Energized Latch
  • Totalizer / Batch / Batch Counter: Reset, Gate
  • Analog Output and Pulse Output available in option
  • RS485(Modbus RTU mode), Baud Rate is up to 38400bps
  • Comply with CE standard & RoHS

Datasheet: Adtek CS2-TM-Pulse Totalizer datasheet
Manual: Adtek CS2-TM-Pulse Totalizer manual

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