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Keram KTH500 Temperature & Humidity Transmitter

Wall Mount or Duct Mount Temperature and Humidity Transmitter with Display

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Celectric PUF8300 Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter with SD Card Datalogging

From: USD1,943.97
Gems FS-380B Series Flow Switch

Brass or Stainless Steel Flow Switch

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Celectric PC702 Process Calibrator

Multi-Function Process Calibrator

From: USD185.22
Baumer E910 Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Transmitter for Vacuum, Absolute or Gauge Pressure measurement

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Yokogawa ADMAG AXG Magnetic Flow Meter

Proven High Accuracy Magnetic Flow Meter with Dual Frequency Excitation

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Celectric CTT50 Low Cost Temperature Transmitter

Low Cost Head Mount Multi Inputs Temperature Transmitter

From: USD37.80
Yokogawa CA500 Series Multifunction Calibrator

High-Performance Multi-Function Process Calibrator with HART enabled

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Setra LITE Room Pressure Indicator

Monitor and display room differential pressure in areas that require manual report

From: USD643.95
Gems ELS-950M Series Single-Point Level Switch

Brass housing small size single point Level Switch

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Gems B2063-LN2-LB-C303

Body Orifice: 3/32"
MOPD: 160
Body Cv: 0.160
Power: 9 Watts
Body Style: Lead Wires- Filled Conduit Housing
Primary Prefix: (B2063-LN2) 2-Way N.C., Filled Conduit Housing, Liquid Nitrogen Service
Body Material: 430F Stainless Steel
Plunger Seal Material: Rulon
O-ring Material: Variseal
Body Port Configuration: (BO)Bottom Under-Seat Port (female thread) 
Voltage:(C303) 240/50/60R

From: USD192.60
Gems 1200/1600 Series Pressure Sensors

Pressure Transducers Featuring Exceptional Proof Pressure and Stability Specifications

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