Contrec S1200BATL Battery Pack


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The Contrec S1200BATL battery powers the Contrec 202D and 214D series Intrinsically Safe Rate Totalisers and Batch Controllers. These battery packs are also Intrinsically Safe, making it possible to switch them out in the field without disrupting production or losing data during shutdowns. The batteries have long-lasting lithium cells, with a minimum lifespan of 3 years and a maximum lifespan of up to 7 years, depending on usage.

Applicable model

– Contrec 202D Flow Meter battery
– Contrec 203Di Flow Meter battery
– Contrec 214D Batch controller battery
– Contrec 214Di Batch controller battery
– Contrec 214i Batch controller battery
  • High Energy Battery Pack
  • 3.6 Volts
  • Lithium Cells

MSDS: Contrec S1200BATL MSDS

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