Celectric CTT50 Head Mount Temperature Transmitter

The CTT50, a head-mounted temperature transmitter by Celectric, boasts an extensive range of measurement capabilities. It has the ability to accept inputs from various sources, including thermocouples, RTDs, resistance, or voltage, and output a 4-20mA signal. This versatility makes it a highly adaptable solution for a wide spectrum of temperature measurement needs.

One of the standout features of the CTT50 is its user-configurability. Utilizing a PC interface, individuals can effortlessly tailor the transmitter to meet their specific requirements. This facilitates quick and seamless setup and allows for adjustments as conditions evolve. Moreover, the built-in cold junction compensator ensures precision in measurements, even in demanding environments.

The CTT50 also boasts a user-friendly temperature probe with a screw-in design, simplifying both installation and maintenance. This screw-in probe type is not only easy to install and remove but is also conveniently replaceable in case of damage or wear.

Designed with durability in mind, the CTT50 is well-suited for deployment across a broad range of industrial and commercial applications. Its compact size and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal choice for temperature measurement in settings such as factories, power plants, and various industrial environments.

In conclusion, the CTT50 stands out as a versatile and dependable temperature transmitter, offering a wide array of measurement capabilities while remaining user-configurable and easy to maintain. Its screw-in probe design and PC-based configurability enhance its suitability for a diverse set of temperature measurement needs. Backed by its robust construction and the presence of a built-in cold junction compensator, the CTT50 excels in harsh environments, making it an excellent fit for both industrial and commercial applications.

  • Input: Thermocouple, RTD, Resistance, or Voltage
  • Output: 4 -20mA
  • Configurable via PC
  • Built-in Cold Junction
  • Temperature Probe Screw-in Type
Input signal 

Resistance temperature detector (RTD),

 Thermocouple (TC), and linear resistance. 

Cold-junction compensation temperature scope -20~60℃
Compensation precision ±1℃
Output signal 4-20mA
Load resistance RL≤(Ue-12)/0.021
Output current of upper and lower limit overflow alarm IH=21mA, IL=3.8mA
Output current of input disconnection alarm 21mA
Power supply
Supply voltage DC12-40V
Other parameters 
Transmission precision (20℃)0.1%FS
Temperature drift 0.01%FS/℃
Response time Reach to 90% of the final value for 1s
Used environmental temperature -40~80℃
Storage temperature -40~100℃
Condensation Allowable
Protection level IP00; IP66 (installation)
Electromagnetic compatibility 

Conform to GB/T18268 industrial equipment 

application requirements(IEC 61326-1)

Input Type Table:

skuTypeMeasurement scopeMinimum measurement scope 

Resistance temperature 

detector (RTD) 

Thermocouple (TC) B400~1820℃500℃






Wiring Terminal

Installation Guide

Datasheet: Celectric CTT50 Datasheet
Manual: Celectric CTT50 Manual
Configuration Software: CTT50 Configuration Software

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Celectric CTT50 Head Mount Temperature Transmitter

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