Yokogawa CA500 Series Multifunction Calibrator


Yokogawa CA550-F2


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  • Sources and measures DC voltage, DC current, RTD, TC, resistance, frequency, and pulse signals
  • Corresponds to 17 types of TC standard (JIS/IEC/DIN/ASTM/GOST R)
  • Corresponds to 14 types of RTD standard (JIS/IEC/GOST R)
  • 0% to 100% Continuously Source Linear sweep function
  • Automatic input and output Testing
  • HART Communication Function
    • LOOP Test
    • Trim D/A at 4mA and 20mA
    • PV Zero
  • HART and BRAIN modem function
CA550-F2Multi-function Process Calibrator 
98020Lead Cable for Source1 red, 2 black, 1.7 m
7 mm fork terminal to an alligator clip
lead cable
3 red, 1 black, 1.7 m L plug terminal to alligator clip
A1421WLUSB CableUSB Type-A to Type B, 2 m
B8080FQSoft CaseSoft case for accessories
90080RJ SensorReference Junction Sensor
Soft Carrying

Soft Carrying Case

Data Sheet: Yokogawa CA500 Series Brochure
User Manual: Yokogawa CA500 Series User Manual

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