West PlastX8 Plastics Temperature Controller

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West PlastX8 is a discrete 1/8 DIN controller, designed specifically for plastic extrusion processes. Users benefit from a simple menu structure with pre-populated setup fields with default parameters for plastic applications.
Control options include Heat, Heat/Cool as well as offering setpoint ramping to help protect against heater burnout.
The versatile PlastX controller can also be used as a standalone process indicator to measure melt temperature.

  • Economic solution to precision temperature control of extruders
  • Suitable for both single screw, twin screw, plastic or rubber
  • Fast Configuration with one page set-up guide
  • Each controller selectable as heat only, heat/cool, or indicator
  • On/Off button for disabling zone
  • LEDs for Low Alarm, Band Alarm, and Autotuning
Product Category:Single Loop Controller
Dimensions and Size:W96m x H48mm x D100mm, 1/8 DIN
Primary input type:Universal (TC, RTD, DC Linear mA/mV)
Output type:Relay, SSD, Triac
Max outputs:3
Control type:PID,ON/OFF, Manual, Alarm, Ramp to setpoint
Power supply:100-240V AC 50-60Hz
Communications:RS485 serial (Modbus)
Certifications:CE, UL, ULC, CSA

Datasheet: West_DS-PLXx-1-EN-515
Instruction Manual: West_59557-3-PLASTX-Concise-Manual-EN
Quick Manual: West_PLASTX8-Quick-Start-Guide

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