Setra 224 Ultra High Purity Pressure Sensor

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  • 316 L VIM/VAR stainless steel
  • Low leakage rate
  • VCR connector
  • A small chamber that is easy to purge
  • 200PSI/250PSI/3000PSI
  • Surface finish 7 Ra
  • Very insensitive to temperature transients in fluids
  • Suitable for potentially hazardous areas
  • Meet CE and RoHS standards
  • Superior Stability Avoids Downtime
  • EMI/RFI Immunity Prevents False Shutdown
  • Sturdy Design Allows Trouble-Free Installations
  • Minimal Torque Effect
  • High Burst Pressure Ratings
  • Virtually Insensitive to Thermal Transients in Flow Stream

The Setra Model 224 Ultra High Purity Pressure Transducer is a specialized solution designed to meet the exacting requirements of precise gas monitoring in critical applications. With a focus on structural integrity, purity, and high performance, the Model 224 delivers reliable and accurate measurements in demanding environments.
Designed for ease of use and reliability, the sensor chamber of the Model 224 allows for easy purging and ensures excellent mechanical and thermal stability. By minimizing temperature transients caused by airflow, this pressure transducer provides consistent and dependable readings. Setra’s patented variable capacitance technology is incorporated into the sensor, enabling precise detection and conversion of pressure changes into a linear analog signal using Setra’s integrated circuit.
The wetted parts of the Model 224 are constructed from VIM/VAR 316L stainless steel, ensuring exceptional purity and durability. These components undergo a meticulous polishing process, resulting in a flat surface finish of 5 Ra (maximum 7 Ra). This attention to detail ensures the integrity of the monitored gas and prevents contamination.
Stringent testing is performed on the Model 224 to guarantee its performance in demanding applications. It can withstand temperatures of up to 85 °C and undergoes a helium leak test to a level of 1×10-9 ATM.CC/sec, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy, reliability, and long-term stability.
The Model 224 is ideally suited for high-purity gas monitoring applications, including high-purity gas delivery systems, semiconductor process tools, pharmaceutical and biotechnological processes, and gas cabinets. Its exceptional performance and reliability make it the perfect choice for critical environments where precision and purity are of utmost importance.

Data Sheet: Setra Model 224 Datasheet
User Manual: Setra Model 224 Manual

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