Setra 206 Industrial Pressure Transducer

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The Setra 206 pressure sensor is a high-performance and reliable solution designed for industrial and OEM applications. With its exceptional ±0.13% FS accuracy and a pressure range of 25 PSI to 10,000 PSI, it meets the demands of various challenging applications. The sensor features a durable all-stainless steel construction for robustness and longevity, and it offers a wide selection of pressure and electrical connections to accommodate diverse installation requirements. Additionally, the Setra 206 sensor is equipped with an on-site adjustable potentiometer for zero and full-range calibration, ensuring precise and field-maintainable performance.

Key Features:

  • Rugged stainless steel design for durability
  • All-stainless steel wetted material
  • Meets NEMA 4 and IP65 protection levels to prevent moisture ingress
  • Excellent ±0.13% FS accuracy
  • Pressure range from 25 PSI to 10,000 PSI
  • Wide range of pressure and electrical connections available
  • On-site zero and full-range adjustable potentiometer for field calibration
  • Cost-effective solution without compromising performance


  • Reliable and long-lasting performance in demanding industrial applications
  • Accurate pressure measurement exceeding industry standards
  • Versatile and flexible design suitable for various mounting configurations
  • Easy maintenance and field calibration capabilities


  • Industrial process control and monitoring
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Energy management systems
  • Manufacturing and automation processes
  • Solid Stability for Confident Installations
  • Exceptional EMI/RFI Performance Prevents False Shutdown
  • NEMA-4/IP65 Certified for Harsh Environments
  • Rugged Design Withstands High Shock and Vibration
  • User Accessible Zero and Span Adjustment
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