Hengstler Profinet Encoder Highlight – ACURO AC58

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Introducing the Hengstler AC58, a versatile series of absolute rotary encoders with optical scanning designed to meet the requirements of various application areas. Key features include:

  • Wide Range of Applications: The AC58 series is suitable for a broad range of industrial applications and demanding scenarios involving motor feedback.

  • Variety of Configurations: Available in solid shaft and hollow shaft versions, providing flexibility in installation and adaptation to different system configurations.

  • High Resolution: In single and multiturn versions, these encoders achieve a high resolution of up to 34 bits (22 bits single turn, 12 bits multiturn, depending on the interface).

  • Diverse Interfaces: Alongside connections via SSI/BiSS, the AC58 series offers compatibility with numerous other interfaces such as EtherCAT, Profinet, Profibus, CANopen, CANlayer2, DeviceNet, Interbus, and SUCOnet.

Elevate the performance and adaptability of your systems with the Hengstler AC58 series, a comprehensive range of absolute rotary encoders designed to meet the diverse needs of industrial applications and motor feedback scenarios.

  • Available in several interfaces
  • Operating temperature from -40 to +100°C
  • 10,000 rpm in continuous operation
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