Hengstler ACURO AD34 – Absolute Encoder

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Introducing the Hengtler AD34 – a revolutionary absolute encoder renowned for its unparalleled compactness within its performance class. Boasting an exceptional resolution of up to 19 bits for single-turn and 12 bits for multi-turn, the AD34 sets a new standard in precision. Its mechanical design centers around a shaft assembly, supported by dual ball-bearings and a flexible torque support, ensuring optimal performance.

The AD34 streamlines motor shaft configuration with its innovative shaft assembly system. A mere 6 mm central bore in the “B” end of the motor shaft is all it takes. The notched shaft of the AD34 seamlessly fits into the “B” end of the motor shaft in a single operation, saving valuable time.

Equipped with the BiSS or SSI communication interface, the AD34 facilitates the establishment of fully digital control circuits. This encoder redefines efficiency and precision, making it the top choice for those seeking cutting-edge technology in a compact form factor. Elevate your systems with the Hengtler AD34.

  • -15°C to 120°C operating temperature
  • 10,000 rpm in continuous operation
  • Optional sinewave 1 Vpp
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