Hengstler HD25 Incremental

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Introducing the Hengstler HD25, an optical incremental rotary encoder meticulously engineered to meet high demands, surpassing the stringent requirements of IP66/IP67 and NEMA 6 standards. Crafted with robust stainless steel housings, these rotary encoders are tailored for challenging ambient conditions, ensuring exceptional resistance to high-pressure cleaners and corrosive chemicals.

Key Features:

  • Rugged Design: The HD25 is designed to excel in demanding conditions, exceeding IP66/IP67 and NEMA 6 standards for enhanced durability.

  • Stainless Steel Housing: With stainless steel housings, these rotary encoders provide robustness, making them well-suited for environments with challenging conditions, including exposure to high-pressure cleaners and corrosive chemicals.

  • Large-Sized Bearings: Engineered with large-sized bearings, the HD25 can withstand substantial axial and radial forces, offering stability and longevity under pressures up to 440 N.

  • ATEX Variants: The HD25 series encompasses intrinsically safe ATEX variants, ensuring compliance with safety standards for deployment in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Elevate your system’s reliability with the Hengstler HD25, a robust and precise incremental rotary encoder designed to thrive in demanding industrial environments.

  • up to 5000 pulses
  • -40°C to +100°C
  • 6,000 rpm
  • IP67
  • NEMA 4X
  • ATEX variants
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