Hengstler ACURO AR63 – Absolute Encoder

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The Hengstler AR63, sharing exceptional features with the AR62, boasts a robust housing and generously sized, block-type ball bearings. Withstanding high axial and radial forces along the axial plane of the shaft, this rotary encoder maintains optimal performance even under challenging conditions. Notably, the AR63 excels in extreme acceleration, varying climatic conditions, and can function seamlessly underwater.

Tailored for a broad spectrum of applications, including wind turbines, ships, commercial vehicles, presses, wood-processing machines, and stone masonry, the AR63 demonstrates remarkable adaptability. Its robust construction ensures reliability across diverse environments.

Electronically, the AR63 aligns seamlessly with standard industrial controller systems, ensuring compatibility. Interface options include SSI, BiSS, CANopen, and analog, providing versatility for integration into various systems.

Choose the AR63 for unparalleled performance, featuring resolutions of up to 12 bits as a single-turn unit and 16 bits as a multi-turn device. Elevate your system’s reliability with the exceptional capabilities of the Hengstler AR63.

  • -40°C to +100°C operating temperature
  • IP69K
  • 12 bit single-turn and 16 bit magnetic multi-turn
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