Adtek MT-CL Current Loop Supply

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Output Loop: Dual Output
Output 1: 4-20mA
Output 2: 4-20mA
AUX Power: AC 230V


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Introducing the Adtek MT-CL DIN Mount Signal Converter, your gateway to enhanced control and precision. This innovative device offers a multitude of advantages, starting with the flexibility of six popular output ranges, easily programmable through user-friendly dip switches. Its compatibility with DC 4~20mA input ensures seamless integration into your existing setup, making the transition smooth and efficient. Moreover, maintenance becomes a breeze with its user-centric design, reducing downtime and optimizing your workflow. Say goodbye to excess stock and inventory management headaches as this versatile converter simplifies your needs, saving both space and resources. And all of this comes at a cost that won’t break the bank, without compromising on the high stability that’s essential for your operations. Discover how the Adtek MT-CL DIN Mount Signal Converter can elevate your control, offering precision, convenience, and unwavering reliability in a single, compact package.

  • 6 Popular Output Ranges Programmable by dip switches
  • DC 4~20mA input, easy maintain and save stock
  • Low cost & high stability

Datasheet: Adtek-MTCL_DataSheet_EN_170103

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