Calibration Instruments

Calibrators are Calibration instruments to validate and adjust the accuracy of field instruments, which can weaken over time due to process conditions or harsh environmental, leading to plant downtimes and opportunity costs or personnel injury. Calibrators ensure that instruments are performing reliably and accurately by sourcing and measuring precision signals.

Celectric PC702 Process Calibrator

Multi-Function Process Calibrator

From: USD185.22
Yokogawa CA300 Series Process Calibrator

Source and Measure Simplicity Process Calibrator

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Yokogawa CA500 Series Multifunction Calibrator

High-Performance Multi-Function Process Calibrator with HART enabled

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Yokogawa CA150 Multifunction Calibrator [Discontinued]

Comprehensive Handy Calibrator with source and measure instrument for calibration and equipment checking needs at maintenance sites

Product discontinued on 30.09.20
Replacement model: Yokogawa CA500 Series Multi-function Calibrator

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Yokogawa CA71 Multifunction Calibrator

Small, lightweight, multifunction process calibrator

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Yokogawa CA450 Process Calibrator Multimeter

Process Calibrator Multimeter with Loop Powered function

From: USD903.00
Yokogawa CA700 Process & Pressure Calibrator

Multifunction Process Calibrator with Pressure Measurement

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