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Yokogawa CA700 Process & Pressure Calibrator

Multifunction Process Calibrator with Pressure Measurement

Calibration Instruments, Process Calibrators

The Yokogawa CA700 is a highly accurate and functional pressure calibrator specifically designed to calibrate differential pressure and gauge pressure transmitters. Yokogawa patented silicon resonant pressure sensor achieved the highest accuracy and most extensive range in the portable class, enabling field calibration with greater accuracy than ever before. Yokogawa CA700 supports " As Found", "As Left" data and error rate (%). Hence it stores calibration procedures for pressure transmitters and pressure switched, which supports field calibration and maintenance work. Housed in a robust IP54 dustproof and waterproof case for use in harsh environments. Available in three model ranges: Low-pressure, Medium-pressure, or High-pressure with selectable high-performance hand pumps for each field.

Applications for the Yokogawa CA700 Pressure Calibrator include:
  • Field calibration of differential pressure and pressure transmitters
  • Pressure switch test
  • Check and I/O adjustment of an electro-pneumatic converter
  • 4 - 20 mA SIMULATE (two-wire transmitter simulator)
  • Two-wire transmitter loop test
  • Input command check and calibration of recorders and controllers

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  • Accuracy 0.01% reading for Pressure Measurement
  • Accuracy 0.015% reading for Current/Voltage (source/measurement)
  • Highest resolution class 0.001kPa (200.000 kPa range) 0.0001 psi (29 psi range)
  • “As Found”, “As Left”  and error rate (%)
  • IP54 dustproof and waterproof case for harsh environments
  • 4-20mA step function for signal generation
  • 20mA Simulator to carry out a loop test.
  • Two-wire Transmitter Loop Check
  • 250-ohm resistor for HART and BRAIN communication