SUTO S418-V Vacuum Thermal Mass Flow Meter

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The S418-V Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meter offers a straightforward and efficient solution for monitoring vacuum applications at the point-of-use. With its wireless communication interface, users can easily access flow meter readings and adjust settings through the SUTO flow meter app. By monitoring flow and consumption, pressure, and temperature, you can enhance your vacuum system’s efficiency and reduce operating costs.

The S418-V serves as a valuable tool for performance monitoring of vacuum pumps. Equipped with an absolute pressure sensor, it not only displays vacuum pressure but also provides real-time data on the actual vacuum flow. These parameters hold utmost importance in vacuum applications, empowering operators to ensure the reliability of their processes.

  • Convenient installation, great flexibility, and can be installed anywhere
  • Inline thermal mass flow sensor virtually independent of pressure and temperature changes
  • Very short response time
  • Particularly suitable for measuring at the point-of-use at the low pressure side of vacuum pumps
  • Available as DN8, DN15, DN20 and DN25 (G female thread)
  • Measures actual flow and absolute pressure
  • Integrated display showing actual volumetric flow and absolute pressure
  • Options for output signals:  4 … 20 mA ,Modbus, M-Bus
  • Bluetooth interface for remote sensor settings
  • Configurable through Android devices
  • Embedded data logger capable of recording 5-millionmeasurement samples

Datasheet: SUTO S418-V Vacuum Flow Meter datasheet
Manual: SUTO S418-V Vacuum Flow Meter manual

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