SUTO S418-V Vacuum Thermal Mass Flow Meter

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S418-V is designed to monitor performance vacuum pumps. This inline flow meter measures the actual flow and absolute pressure on the low pressure side of vacuum pumps. 

  • Convenient installation, great flexibility, and can be installed anywhere
  • Inline thermal mass flow sensor virtually independent of pressure and temperature changes
  • Very short response time
  • Particularly suitable for measuring at the point-of-use at the low pressure side of vacuum pumps
  • Available as DN8, DN15, DN20 and DN25 (G female thread)
  • Measures actual flow and absolute pressure
  • Integrated display showing actual volumetric flow and absolute pressure
  • Options for output signals:  4 … 20 mA ,Modbus, M-Bus
  • Bluetooth interface for remote sensor settings
  • Configurable through Android devices
  • Embedded data logger capable of recording 5-millionmeasurement samples

Datasheet: SUTO S418-V Vacuum Flow Meter datasheet
Manual: SUTO S418-V Vacuum Flow Meter manual

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