Shimax MAC3 Series Compact Digital Controller

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  • Accuracy: ±0.25% of FS + 1 digit
  • Sampling Period: 0.25 sec
  • 2 event outputs installed as standard
  • Space-saving design with panel depth 62 ~ 65mm
  • Multiple sizes available: 96x96mm, 48x96mm, 72x72mm, 48x48mm
  • Output Types: Contact, Voltage Pulse, and DC Current
  • Software communication and program capability
  • Additional Functions: Event output, Control output 2, DI, Current Transformer(CT) Input, Analog Output, Communication and Program Function

Introducing the Shimax MAC3 Temperature Controller: a compact and advanced solution for precise temperature control. Developed by the renowned Japanese company SHIMAX, this controller features three independent PID high-precision regulators, offering industry-leading performance.

With its high-visibility large character display, the MAC3 ensures clear visibility for operators. It boasts 0.25% FS accuracy and dual four-digit slopes, settings, and outputs. Additional features include external analog remote control input (REM), analog transmission output, upper and lower limit alarms, disconnection alarms, and communication capabilities.

Ideal for applications in semiconductor manufacturing, instrumentation measurement, environmental testing, petrochemicals, and metallurgy, the MAC3 provides intuitive slope control for easy setup and precise temperature control.

Key features include dual preset values, three independent PID parameters, and flexible output limits. The controller supports cascade control and offers isolated or non-isolated options for external remote control (REM), allowing for the creation of multi-zone temperature control systems. Communication capabilities are available through the RS485 interface.

The MAC3 also offers a second output function for heating and cooling adjustments, with three sets of independent PID parameters. It includes three sets of auxiliary outputs with 19 configurable modes for versatile control options.

With four sets of external auxiliary inputs, the MAC3 enables seamless integration of no-voltage contact DI inputs, and it provides two sets of single-phase heater disconnection alarms for reliable current monitoring.

Experience exceptional temperature control with the Shimax MAC3 Temperature Controller, delivering precise and reliable performance for a range of industries.

Shimax MAC3A: 96 x 96mm Size
Shimax MAC3B: 48 x 96mm Size
Shimax MAC3C: 72 x 72mm Size
Shimax MAC3D: 48 x 48mm Size


Data Sheet: Shimax MAC3 Controller
Manual: Shimax MAC3 instruction manual
Short Manual: Shimax-MAC3-M-Short

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