OWON SmartDS Series Digital Oscilloscope



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  • Bandwidth: 300MHz 
  • Sample rate : 3.2GS/s
  • Horizontal Scale (s/div):  1ns/div~100s/div, step by 1~2~5

OWON SmartDS Series Digital OscilloscopeOWON SmartDS Series Digital Oscilloscope

  1. 10M Record length

SDS series employ 10Mpts record length, waveform detail is easy to track. Keep the maximum sample rate at longer period, capture every waveform change.

10M Record length10M Record length

  1. Auto-scale function

While in auto-scale status, the oscilloscope will switch to the specific trigger mode, vertical scale and timebase scale according to the type, amplitude and frequency of input signal.

Auto-scale functionAuto-scale function

  1. Waveform Record/Play

SDS series waveform record/play function support 2-channel waveform record. Moreover, Pass/Fail waveform is also able to be recorded. 1000 frames record capacity. Support waveform replays to analyzer the detail.

Waveform Record/PlayWaveform Record/Play     

  1. SVGA Function

SDS oscilloscope provide 800 x 600 SVGA port. Oscilloscope content can display on external monitor or projector in this way. It helps with production line monitoring, meeting discuss and course display.

SVGA FunctionSVGA Function

  1. Battery Function

Optional large volume battery, supports floating measurement. Convenient to carry.

Battery FunctionBattery Function

 Sample Rate2.5GS/s
 Horizontal Scale (s/div)1ns/div~100s/div, step by 1~2~5
 Display 8”color LCD, 800 x 600 pixels
 Channel 2 + 1 (external)
 Record Length 10M
 Vertical Resolution (A/D) 8 bits (2 channels simultaneously)
 Vertical Sensitivity 2mV/div~10V/div
 Trigger Type Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope, and Alternate
 Communication Interface USB host, USB device, Pass / Fail, LAN, VGA (optional), or RS232 (optional)
 Battery (optional) 7.4V, 8000mA
 Dimension (W × H × D) 340 × 155 × 70 (mm)
 Weight (without package) 1.80 kg
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