Yokogawa TY720 Handheld Digital Multimeter

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  • Handheld Digital Multimeter
  • Performing special operations via front panel allows for quick and reliable adjustment
  • One-touch adjustment of AC voltage- and AC current-to-frequency characteristics.
  • Operation efficiency improved and cost reduction leads to the user calibration functions

Yokogawa TY720 is a handheld digital multimeter with data logging features. Conforms to EN61010-1 safety standard, category 1000V AC/DC. CAT III and 600V AC/DC, CAT IV. High accuracy Digital Multimeter at 0.020% of reading + 2 digits (DC Voltage) also True RMS Measurement. Peak hold function that supports waveform of 1 ms of greater hence instantaneous crest values possible to capture with the TY720 handheld multimeter. 50,000-count, 51-segment bar graph display, and full display functions. Simultaneous display of frequency and voltage, frequency and duty ratio or decibels and voltage on the dual-display while backlight provided as standard as well with Data Logging Capability up to 10,000 logging data

Datasheet: Yokogawa TY720 Handheld Multimeter Data Sheet
Manual: Yokogawa TY720 Handheld Multimeter User Manual


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