FineTek FF Series Side Mounting Float Level Switch

The Finetek FF series is a side mount magnetic float level switch product line consisting of rugged, industrial-grade float level switches using the principles of buoyancy and magnetism to provide high, low, and intermediate level detection of fluids with a specific gravity ranging from as low as 0.25, thereby ensuring a very wide range of application and use. A change in fluid level can correspondingly cause the float to travel up or down. The FF series side-mounted magnetic float level switch product line incorporates SPDT reed switch or SPDT microswitch output and is available in stainless steel or polypropylene wetted materials. Marine certification and explosion-proof versions are available.



  • High, low, and intermediate float level switch applications for tanks and other vessels
  • Wide range of liquids with a minimum density of 0.25 S.G.
  • Side mount on the vessel
  • Some top mounting use special float extension shape


  • Water/wastewater
  • Chemical
  • Marine use
  • Many others
  • Wide range of flanged and threaded process connections for side mounting
  • Stainless steel or polypropylene construction
  • Floats for almost any liquid
  • High-temperature capability up to 662⁰F (350⁰C)
  • Explosionproof and corrosion-resistant versions available
  • Microswitch or reed switch output
  • Marine-grade approval units

Catalog: Finetek FFX Side Mounting Float Switch catalog

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