Contrec 515-BC01 Dual Stage Batch Controller

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  • Caters for volumetric flow inputs from frequency or analogue flowmeters
  • Single or Dual-stage Batch Control
  • Quick access to common batch quantities
  • No-flow, leakage and overflow error detection
  • Remote RUN/STOP/RESET & BATCH SET functions
  • Allows for square law and nonlinear correction
  • Storage of 1000 transactions with time and date stamp
  • Selection of Detail or Basic main menu to suit operator and application
  • Selection of the second language and user tags
  • Selectable protocols on serial ports including Modbus RTU and Printer output
  • Backlit display with LCD backup

The Contrec 515 BC01 application is a highly reliable and versatile dual-stage batch controller that is designed to accurately measure preset quantities using either volumetric frequency or analogue input. This controller can be used as a single or dual stage controller and is ideal for fast batch applications.

With its clear local readout, the operator can easily monitor the process and make adjustments as necessary. For more automated systems, the controller can also be controlled via communications. Additionally, authorized users have quick access to commonly used preset values directly from the front panel.

To ensure precise quantities, the controller has built-in overrun compensation that accounts for system delays, such as valve closure. This feature ensures that the instrument is able to accurately measure the desired amount of product.

The Contrec 515 BC01 is compatible with a wide range of flowmeter outputs, including millivolt signals, reed switches, pulse, Namur proximity switches, and analogue signals. To ensure accurate measurements, the inputs can be scaled, filtered, and have nonlinear correction applied. Additionally, square root and cutoff points can also be applied to the analogue input. Overall, this controller offers a comprehensive set of features that make it a reliable and versatile option for batch control applications.

Data Sheet: Contrec 515-BC01 Datasheet
Instruction Manual: Contrec 515-BC01 Instruction Manual

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