ADtek CM1-RL Speed/Velocity Meter

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Product Highlights

  • Measuring 0(1)~5V/0~10V, 0~10mA/0(4)~20mA ( or 2 wire sensor with 24Vdc excitation supply )
  • Optional output available for one of 2 relay, analogue or RS485
  • ADtek CM1-RL series provides a simple economic programmable speed/velocity table, it 20.0mm, 5-digits LED display.
  • Press the key to set the display range and its anti-jamming design and reliable quality, simple installation, and you can meet the needs of general measurement of speed/velocity.
  • The ADtek CM1-RL Speed/Velocity Meter also has 2 group relay outputs, one analog output, or 1 groups RS485 (Modbus RTU mode) communication features three a (More features, please refer to page description).
  • Operation press the inner design, to avoid the more human-no action, especially suitable for all kinds of machinery used.

Data Sheet: Adtek-CM1RL_DataSheet_EN_140529
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