Trident Series

Precision Digital’s Trident series of digital panel meters is one of the most versatile on the market and will satisfy various process and temperature applications. Housed in a 1/8 DIN enclosure with a NEMA 4X front, the meter can be field programmed to accept process voltage (0-5 V, 1-5 V, etc.) and current (4-20 mA) inputs, 100 Ohm RTDs, and the four most common thermocouples. The display height on the standard Trident meter is 0.56″ (14.2 mm), and on the Trident X2, the display height is an astounding 1.2″ (30.5 mm). Trident X2 can adjust the intensity of the display to compensate for various lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. Programming and setup can be performed with the four front panel pushbuttons, free MeterView software, or copy function. Options for the Trident series include 2 relays, a 4-20 mA output, 24 V transmitter power supply, and Modbus® serial communications.

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