Why using a Temperature Transmitter?

In the temperature measurement system, an electronic temperature instrument needs to connect to a control system. In contrast, RTD and thermocouple can be directly wired to the control system inputs card or via Temperature Transmitter for signal conversion.

Most of the applications, the temperature transmitter are used to convert thermocouple or RTD signal into 4~20mA signal, instead of directly wired the RTD or thermocouple to inputs.

Advantages of using Temperature Transmitter

There are few advantages of using Temperature Transmitter instead or wired temperature sensors directly to the system. Here you can find out why.

  • Signal by RTD or Thermocouple Sensors is a low-level signal and highly interfere by types of cable used. Hence it is more susceptible to noise compared to standard 4~20mA signal by the Transmitter.
  • Reduce instrument cable type. It also means less type for cable spare.
  • Centralize wiring to a junction box for multiple temperature transmitters.
  • No additional temperature input card for thermocouple/RTD. Connect transmitter using standard Analog Input card.
  • While Smart Type Temperature Transmitter also provides an advanced diagnosis of the process.
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