Zoglab DSR-T Temperature Data Logger

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  • Data Logger for Temperature
  • Equipped with the medication standard’s probe
  • Low temperature resistant and free of toxicity and halogen
  • Outstanding measuring resolution

Zoglab DSR-T Temperature Data Logger with standard medical temperature probe being resistant to low temperature and free of toxicity and halogen, outstanding measuring resolution even at low temperature. Zoglab DSR Series data loggers are low-cost digital instruments integrated with signal recording, display storage, and analysis. DSR Series is suitable almost for every application, for example, pharmaceutical, electronic, foodstuff, HVAC, archives management, agriculture research, textile, meteorology, transportation, biochemistry laboratory, and much more.

The Zoglab DSR Series not only log temperature, humidity, pressure, and gas strength, but is also equipped with wireless transmission, remote monitoring, and system subsequent development. The operating current is only 50uA, and power consumption is less than 0.18mW during standby mode. The 3.6V/2400mAh lithium battery in DSR Series assures operation continuously for 3 to 5 years (depending on the refresh interval set). Large LCD Display with wide viewing angle and redundant temperature range in normal operation. Flexible networking capability for continuous data logging. Support pure networking in the form of RS485/LAN/Wi-Fi/Zigbee for central management. Compliance with both CE and FCC, also according to RoHS requirements.

Data Sheet: Zoglab DSR Data Sheet
Software: Analysis 3 V3.51

Measuring Data

T Measuring Range-45℃~105℃
T Accuracy±0.5℃(-45℃~70℃) / ±0.6℃(70℃~105℃)
T Resolution0.1℃/0.2℉


Memory Size10,918[A] / 21,840[B] / 180,000[C] / 360,000[D]values
AlarmHigh level and low level, display+beep+backlight
Sampling Interval2s、5s、10s、30s、60s、255s
Logging Interval2seconds~24hours
Start with Delay Time1~120s
Start ModeStart immediately / Time-lapse start / Timing start
End ModeFull / FIFO / Presetting units / Timing end
Timing Start / EndRandom start / End with format YYMMDD HHMMSS
Storage Temperature-50℃~90℃
ESD Protection±25KV
InterfaceRS232 / RS485[R] / USB[U] / LAN[L] / Wireless [W、B、Z、F、G]
Battery3.6V lithium battery ×1
Battery LifetimeTypical 1year (with a sample rate of 10 seconds),5 years (in sleep mode)
RTC BatteryCR2032
Clock Accuracy<12 mins/year
External voltage5~24V DC
IP ClassIP54

Sensing Probe

skuOriginal low temperature resistant probe
Wire2×4×3000mm,low-temperature and corrosion resistant

General Feature

Display Area66×42mm
HousingABS+PC,flame-retardant,toxicity and halogen free
Temperature Accuracy
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