OWON AG Series 2-Ch Waveform Generator



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  • Channel: Dual
  • Frequency Output: 25MHz
  • Sample Rate: 125MS/s
  • Vertical Resolution: 14 bits
  1. Dual ChannelEquivalent Output

Dual equivalent channel output. Waveform and status copy can be implemented between channels, frequency/amplitude/phase coupling.

Dual Channel Equivalent OutputDual Channel Equivalent Output

  1. Build-in 45 arbitrary waveforms

Build-in educational/industrial common waveforms and divide it into common, math, engineer, window, other types.

Build-in 45 arbitrary waveformsBuild-in 45 arbitrary waveforms


Frequency Output25MHz
Sample Rate125MS/s
Vertical Resolution14 bits
Standard WaveformSine, Square, Pulse, Ramp, and Noise
Arbitrary WaveformExponential Rise, Exponential Fall, Sin(x)/x, Step Wave, and others, total 45 built-in waveforms, and user-defined arbitrar y waveform
Frequency (resolution 1μHz)
Sine1μHz – 25MHz
Square1μHz – 5MHz
Pulse1μHz – 5MHz
Ramp1μHz – 1MHz
Noise25MHz (-3dB) (typical)
Arb1μHz – 10MHz
Amplitude1mVpp – 10Vpp (50Ω), 1mVpp – 20Vpp (high impedance)
Resolution1m Vpp or 4 digits
DC Offset Range (AD+DC)±5V (50Ω), ±10V (high impedance)
DC Offset Range Resolution1mV or 4 digits
Load Impedance50Ω (typical)
Arbitrary Waveform
Wave Length2 pts to 8K pts
Non-volatile Memory64M byte
Power Amplifier Module (optional)
Input ImpedanceOutput Impedance<2 Ω
Max Input VoltageGainX 10
Max Output VoltageOffset<7%
Output Slew RateBandwidth (at full power)DC 100kHz
Max Output Power10 W
Input / Output
Display4 inch (480 × 320 pixels) LCD
Typeexternal reference clock input / output
Communication InterfaceUSB host, and USB device, RS232 (option)
Dimension (W×H×D)235 × 110 × 295 (mm)
Device Weight3.00 kg
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