OWON 1-Channel Low Frequency Arbitrary Waveform Generator



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  • Channel: Single + Trigger
  • Frequency Input: 5MHz
  • Sample Rate: 125MS/s
  • Vertical Resolution: 14 bits
  1. Build-in 45 arbitrary waveforms

Build-in educational/industrial common waveforms and divide it into common, math, engineer, window, other types.

Build-in 45 arbitrary waveformsBuild-in 45 arbitrary waveforms

  1. Multiple modulate function

Modulate function includes AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK and PWN. Internal and external modulate source supported to meet the requirement for more educational or communication system test.

Multiple modulate functionMultiple modulate function


Channelsingle + trigger
Frequency Output5MHz
Sample Rate125MS/s
Vertical Resolution14 bits
Standard WaveformSine, Square, Pulse, Ramp, and Noise
Arbitrary WaveformExponential Rise, Exponential Fall, Sin(x)/x, Step Wave, and others, total 45 built-in waveforms, 
and user-defined arbitrary waveform
Frequency (resolution 1μHz)
Sine1μHz – 5MHz
Square1μHz – 5MHz
Pulse1μHz – 5MHz
Ramp1μHz – 1MHz
Noise5MHz (-3dB) (typical)
Arb1μHz – 5MHz
Amplitude1m Vpp – 12.5 Vpp (50Ω), 
1m Vpp – 25 Vpp (high impedance)
Resolution1m Vpp, or 4 digits
DC Offset Range (AD+DC)±6.25V (50Ω), ±12.5V (high impedance)
DC Offset Range Resolution1mV, or 4 digits
Load Impedance50Ω (typical)
Arbitrary Waveform
Wave Length2 pts to 8K pts
Sample Rate125MS/s
Vertical Resolution14 bits
Non-volatile Memory64M bytes
Modulation WaveformAM, FM, PM, FSK, Sweep, and Burst
Modulation Frequency2mHz to 20.00KHz  
(FSK 2mHz – 100KHz)
Power Amplifier Module (optional)
Input Impedance50 kΩ
Max Input Voltage2.2Vpp
Max Output Voltage22 Vpp
Output Slew Rate10V/us
Max Output Power10 W
Input / Output
Display4 inch (480 x 320 pixels) LCD
Typeexternal modulation input, 
external trigger input, 
and external reference clock input
Communication InterfaceUSB device
Dimension (W x H x D)235 x 110 x 295 (mm)
Device Weight3.00 kg
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