FineTek SF Series Paddle Type Flow Switch

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The FineTek SF series is a paddle flow switch product line with field adjustable paddle length for various flow conditions and pipe sizes. The SF paddle flow switch utilizes the force of the fluid flow in a pipe to move the paddle. As the fluid flow moves the paddle, an internal spring is compressed, which moves a magnetic element. With no flow or with an empty pipe condition, the paddle flow switch spring is fully expanded. The magnetically activated reed switch contact is open, indicating that a no-flow or empty pipe condition exists. As flow increases, the spring is compressed, and the magnetic element moves toward the reed switch. When the flow moves the paddle at an upward angle of at least approximately 20⁰~30⁰ (or more), the magnet moves into proximity of the reed switch and activates it. The contact closes to indicate that a fluid flow condition exists.



  • Detect adequate fluid flow for operation of downstream process
  • Protect machinery requiring coolant flow


  • HVAC chillers
  • Petrochemical
  • Power
  • Food processing
  • Explosion-proof version available
  • Field customizable paddle length, 1~3″ (25.4~76.2mm)
  • Maximum pressure up to 355psi (25bar) and operating temperature to 302⁰F (150⁰C)
  • 1″ PT threaded process connection
  • SPDT output contact, 60W@220VAC/200VDC rating

Catalog: Finetek SF Series Datasheet

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