Dwyer Series RMVII Rate-Master® Dial-Type Flowmeters

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The Dwyer SERIES RMVII Rate-Master® Flowmeters consists of a machined brass meter body which is ideally suited for water flows with ±5% of full-scale accuracy. Body design fits standard 4-1/2″ mounting hole layouts per ANSI B40.1. Inlet and outlet threads are standard 3/4″ female NPT.

Product Applications

  • Monitor coolant flow through ingot heaters, high-amp switchgear, resistance welders, heat exchangers, compressors, scrubbers
  • Monitor water consumption to different processes and operations for more efficient operations
  • Calculate required fill or drain times for tanks, water towers
  • Unique construction fully isolates flowing media from gage front for leak-proof operation at pressures up to 3000 psig (206.7 bar)
  • Target-type design combined with a damage resistant magnetic linkage, drive a pointer over easy-to-read litho scale
  • Shatter proof construction, unlike glass tube variable area flowmeters, yields long operation life

Service : Compatible gases, liquids and oils.

Wetted Materials : Brass, 302 SS, sintered barium ferrite, polyacetyl.

Temperature Limit : 200°F (93°C).

Pressure Limit : 3000 psig (206 bar).

Pressure Drop : 0 to 5 GPM: 3.2 psid; 0 to 10 GPM: 5.3 psid; 0 to 20 GPM: 10.4 psid.

Accuracy : ±5% of FS.

Size : Diameter dial face 4.5″ (114.3 mm).

Process Connections : 3/4″ female NPT.

Weight : 2 lb. 14 oz (1.3 kg).

Manual: Dwyer_RMV-II-Rate-Master®

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