Dwyer Series MDPC Mini Digital Pressure Controller

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The Dwyer Series MDPC Mini Digital Pressure Controller is a slim, gas pressure sensor small in size and light in weight. This pressure controller supports many installation methods and features a high measurement accuracy. This small controller yields excellent stability, high shock, and vibration resistance. The MDPC also provides good over-load capacity and heat resistance. It can be utilized in many industries such as high-tech electronics, general processing, food packaging, and automatic assembly. The MDPC features 6 user-selectable pressure units and a large, LED 3-color display with selectable color options that allow for easy reading. Changing units is simple, and by using the included unit stickers, the pressure unit displayed becomes very clear. The fast parameter copy function makes copying parameters to other MDPC pressure controllers effortless. The key lock mode also prevents any unnecessary changes to the parameters, which can affect the operation. Another characteristic of this multi-talented pressure controller is its ability to detect both positive and negative pressure. The MDPC is available in NPN, PNP, analog voltage, or current output control modes.

Service : Non-corrosive gas.

Wetted Materials : Brass with nickel plating.

Housing Materials : Polycarbonate, polybutylene terephthalate.

Accuracy : ±3% of full range.

Pressure Limits : MDPC-1: 29 psi (200 kPa); MDPC-2: 217.6 psi (1500 kPa).

Display : 2-line LCD display, 4 digits for measured value and 3.5 digits for setup display.

Power Requirements : 12 to 24 VDC ±10% no isolations.

Power Consumption : 40 mA max.; Current output type 60 mA max.

Process Connections : 1/8″ NPT, inner connection M5, for 1/8″ PT contact factory.

Weight : 1.3 oz (36.85 g).

Agency Approvals : CE: MDPC-121, MDPC-122, UL.


Switch Type : NPN or PNP

Electrical Rating : 100 mA @ 30 VDC.

Response Time : Programmable to 2ms, 4ms, 10ms, 30ms, 50ms, 100ms, 250ms, 500ms, 1000ms or 5000ms.

Display Cycle : Programmable to 100ms, 250ms, 500ms or 1000ms.


Output Signal : 1 to 5 V: Minimum output load resistance 1000 Ω; 4 to 20 mA: Maximum output load resistance 400 Ω.

Zero and Span Adjustments : Menu scalable within the range.

  • Energy saving mode
  • 3-color display with selectable color options: green, red and orange
  • Analog output function
  • Parameter copy function
  • Unit conversion function: inHg, psi, kPa, mmHg, kg/cm² and bar
  • 10 sets of user selectable output response times
  • Key lock function
  • Fast zero reset

Manuals: IOM Manual
Catalog Pages: Series MDPC Catalog Page

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