Dwyer Series DA/DS Bourdon Tube Pressure Switches

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The Series DA/DS Bourdon Tube Pressure Switches are the best pressure switches Dwyer made also is one of the world’s broadest lines of pressure switches. It has exceptionally high sensitivity and excellent repeatability. The DA Models are equipped with two external adjustments, one for setting high-pressure operating point, the other for setting low-pressure operating point. Deadband, the difference between high and low setpoints, is adjustable over the full-scale. The DS Models are equipped with a single external adjustment for setting operating point only. For mercury-free switches, choose between the snap action switch or hermetically sealed snap action switch. Hermetically sealed mercury switch also available.

Product Applications

  • Compressors
  • Mechanical HVAC or process equipment
  • Pump control

Wetted Materials : Brass, 403 SS, or 316 SS.

Temperature Limit : 180°F (82°C).

Pressure Limit : Maximum pressure of the operating range.

Enclosure Rating : General purpose, weatherproof or explosion-proof.

Repeatability : ±1% of full operating range, ±1.5% on DS-7300 skus.

Switch Type : SPST mercury switch, SPDT mercury switch, SPDT snap switch, or SPDT hermetically sealed snap switch. Other circuit types available.

Electrical Rating : See Catalog page.

Electrical Connections : Screw terminal.

Conduit Connection : General purpose: 1/2″ hole for conduit hub. Weatherproof: 1/2″ conduit hub. Explosion-proof: 3/4″ female NPT.

Process Connection : General purpose and weatherproof: 1/4″ male NPT; 1/2″ male NPT on range 15S and 16S. Explosion-proof: 1/2″ male NPT and 1/4″ female NPT.

Mounting Orientation : Vertical.

Set Point Adjustment : Thumbscrew.

Weight : General purpose: 4 lb (1.8 kg). Weatherproof: 6 lb (2.7 kg). Explosion-proof: 8 lb (3.5 kg).

Deadband : See Catalog page.

Agency Approvals : CE, CSA, FM, UL. (mercury switch units are not CE approved). (Consult factory for FM approval skus.)

  • Visible calibrated dial provides an easy and fast check without having to open device causing dangerous conditions to operators
  • On/off indication (except hermetically sealed snap switch skus) gives operator clear indication of state of switched equipment that could be located in another location
  • Adjustable or fixed deadband supports control applications by reducing equipment wear-out by unnecessary recycling
  • External switch setpoint adjustments reduces set-up time
  • Pressure ranges of full vacuum to 8000 psig gives application designers the ability to specify standard equipment, simplifying install and training, and reducing servicing costs
  • UL listed, CSA approved many skus FM approved to support rigorous process applications and regulations
  • General purpose, weatherproof or explosion-proof enclosures for a variety of indoor or outdoor environments meeting the needs of multiple applications and uses

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