Dwyer Series 7000 Spirahelic® Direct Drive Pressure Gage

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The Dwyer SERIES 7000 Spirahelic® Pressure Gages employ a unique triple helix Bourdon tube for the precision measurement of compatible gases and liquids. The direct-drive design reduces friction and mass, resulting in exceptionally good responsiveness, repeatability, and accuracy. Because there are no gears, springs, linkages, or other complicated mechanisms, wear is practically eliminated. The Series 7000 has solid brass or 316 stainless steel connection block features convenient dual 1/4″ female NPT ports-one each on back and bottom. Block also includes an integral filter plug to keep dirt out. Safety is assured with a solid front case design and rear blowout hole. Gages fit ASME standard panel cutouts, 4.94″ (125 mm) -7100; 6.5″ (165.1 mm) -7300. The Series 7000B Spirahelic® Direct Drive Pressure Gages comes with turret mount housings and standards with a dual-size 1/2″ male NPT and 1/4″ female NPT process connection.

Product Applications

  • Systems with high cycle rates
  • Processes with problematic pressure surges and spikes
  • Environments with continuous vibration or shock
  • Direct drive design with single moving part maximizes lifespan and accuracy without the need to recalibrate
  • Elastic Bourdon tube resists overpressure and returns to original setting
  • Blowout hole prevents early failure from high overpressure conditions
  • Single element sensing means total lower cost of ownership because of long service life and lower cost to maintain


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