Dwyer Series 420 Durablock® Inclined/Vertical Manometer

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Dwyer® Series 420 Inclined-Vertical Manometer are extremely accurate instruments designed and made especially for precision measurement of low differential pressures in laboratory and test applications. The inclined range bore has a length of 20″ to provide ample multiplication of indicating fluid movement in this critical lower part of the range.

Product Applications

  • Low pressure laboratory and test applications
  • 1-1/4″ THICK ACRYLIC PLASTIC BODY is a solid block, virtually unbreakable, stable and absolutely free of the danger of distortion.
  • 3/16″ BORES, ACCURATE TO ± .0002″ are permanently free of bends or crooks, will not require recalibration because of distortion.
  • GROUND GLASS BUBBLE LEVEL sensitive to 115-125 sec./2 MM. is 1-1/2″ long x .375″ diameter and provided with two red lines for easy visibility and alignment.
  • PARALLAX-FREE READING for maximum accuracy and consistency is achieved by simply aligning the meniscus with its image reflected in the polished aluminum scale.
  • SELECTED GAGE FLUID with high wettability characteristics forms a consistent, well-shaped meniscus for perfect readability.
  • PRECISION BUILT to assure device meets the highest standards.


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