Anderson-Negele EE/EC Homogenizer / Standard Pressure Gauge (120mm)

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The Anderson Negele EE series 120mm gauge for homogenizer applications are designed to be rugged enough for the toughest application in hygienic processing. The EE is available with a variety of standard homogenizer fittings and can be remotely mounted for better readability and vibration resilience. All EE series gauges are equipped with a Hastelloy C-276 diaphragm for added strength and life to provide more years of uninterrupted service

  • 316L stainless steel wetted surface provides superior, long-term corrosion resistance
  • Saves time with CIP/SIP capability
  • Permanently filled and sealed sensing system provides pulsation dampening and long life
  • Wide variety of sanitary fittings available which are easily matched to existing piping
  • 3-A compliant; Third-party verified
  • Operate at process temperatures up to 250°F (121°C)
  • Ranges between 30” Hg and 15,000 PSIG

Datasheet: Anderson-Negele EE/EC Product Information

Tech Bulletin: High Pressure Fitting Bulletin



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