Sensors for Ventilators

Image of medical ventilator. Hospital respiratory ventilation. Patient life saving machine. Intensive care unit ventilator

A ventilator is designed to move air or a mixture of gases into and out of the patient’s lungs to either assist in breathing, or, in some cases, mechanically breathe for the patient who is breathing insufficiently or is physically unable to breathe

Pressure Transducers - For Ventilator Testing

Setra’s Model ASL is the highest accuracy transducer for measuring low differential pressure in the AccuSense™ product line.

Setra’s Model 239 is the “standard” for measuring low differential pressure in the Test & Measurement industry. Decades worth of installations have helped the 239 build a reputation of reliability and remains the trusted choice for critical installations, such as ventilator testing.

Setra Model 278 utilizes a variable capacitance Barometric Pressure sensor that is made using ceramic material fused together with glass and gold to form the SETRACERAM™ pressure element. This stable material and design offers class leading thermal performance and low hysteresis.

Setra Systems sku 370 offers extremely high accuracy and unmatched stability in a digital output configuration. Test & measurement systems (including ventilator pressure test stands) around the world rely on the 370.

Pressure Sensor - On Ventilator

Setra Model 210

Setra’s Model 210 is the ultimate in circuit board-mountable pressure transducers. In addition to the convenience of quick PCB installations, the 210 offers wide media compatibility with its stainless steel sensor construction.


Setra Model 263

Setra Systems Model 263 pressure transducers sense differential or gauge (static) pressures and convert this pressure difference to a proportional electrical output. The 263 is offered with a high level 5 VDC output.

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