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Yokogawa uR20000 Chart Recorder

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437106: uR20000 6 Dot recorder
-2 - Language: English/German/French, degF & DST
/C7 - Option: Ethernet communication interface
/EM1 - Option: SD Memory Card


Availability: 1 in stock

437106: uR20000 6 Dot recorder
-2 - Language: English/German/French, degF & DST
/A2 - Option: Alarm output relay (4 contacts)
/BT1 - Option: Header printout


Availability: 1 in stock

The Yokogawa uR20000 Chart Recorder is available in models with 1, 2, 3, or 4 pens, and it offers up to 24 dots for various recording needs. The pen model enables continuous recording for each channel, while the dot model achieves high-speed recording with options like 6 dots/10 seconds, 12 dots/15 seconds, 18 dots/20 seconds, and 24 dots/30 seconds.

The Yokogawa uR20000, equipped with universal input capability, ensures high reliability through contact-free technology. This recorder serves as a versatile tool, suitable for both monitoring and quality control applications across various industries.

With the optional SD Memory card (/EM1) feature, the Yokogawa uR20000 allows you to save measured data to an SD memory card while simultaneously recording on chart paper, enhancing data storage and retrieval capabilities.

  • Carryover of the µR1000/µR1800
  • Bringing you the highest reliability
  • Large VFD, Easy to Read
  • Navigational Display
  • Internal Illumination and New Chart Cassette
  • Powerful Math Functions
  • Variety of Networking Functions
  • Application Software
  • A Free Software Upgrade
  • A Wealth of Recording and Printing Functions
  • Adding New Functions

Data Sheet: Yokogawa_uR20000-datasheet
Instruction Manual: Yokogawa uR2000 Manual

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