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Yokogawa uR10000 Chart Recorder

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  • Weatherproof front door meets DIN 40050-IP54 standards in panel mount installations
  • Powerful Math Functions (/M1 Option)
  • Wealth of Recording and Printing Functions
  • Navigational display offering superior ease to use setup
  • Multi display for site monitoring

Yokogawa uR10000 Chart Recorder consist of 1, 2, 3, 4 pens and up to 6 dots models. Pen model realizes continuous recording for each channel, whereas the dot model realizes a high speed of 6 dot/10 sec, 12 dot/15 sec, 18 dot/20 sec, 24 dot/30 sec.

Yokogawa uR10000 with universal input, the high reliability is realized by contact-free technology. The recorder can be used as a monitoring device and as a quality control instrument in many applications.

With optional SD Memory card (/EM1) option, Yokogawa uR10000 measured data can be saved to an SD memory card while recording on chart paper.

Data Sheet: Yokogawa uR10000 Paper Recorder Data Sheet

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