Yokogawa Touch Screen GX10/GX20 Paperless Recorder

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The GX series is an industry-first multi-point touch panel, to improve intuitive and smart operator control. Users can scroll, pan, zoom historical data, and even write freehand messages on its dust-proof and water-proof display. The Yokogawa GX series delivers industry leading reliability and measurement accuracy. Its custom graphics accommodates application or process-specific displays, while a wide range of communication protocols guarantee compatibility with your network architecture. It’s simple for operators to view and retrieve past data with automatic email and FTP notifications.

Smart User Interface

Variety of display functions

  • Standard display screens clearly indicate channel data with units and tags, plus alarm log, message log, and other event log information.
  • Custom Display function (option) lets you place graphic images on screens.

Touch screen for intuitive operation

  • The touch screen provides swipe, pinch in/out, and click and drag controls for fast navigation of common display mode functions.
  • Use “2-point touch” to zoom in or out in the direction of display span.

Supports freehand messages

  • Operators can write a free hand text message directly on the touch screen with a stylus or finger. 

Smart Architecture

Add I/O modules when you need more channels

  • The fully modular I/O design allows you to build the system with the channels you need today, and expand the unit’s capability any time in the future by purchasing and installing additional modules.

Wide-ranging input/output specifications

  • The 10 channel universal input module measures DC volts, thermocouple, RTD, and contact input signals. A 16 channel digital input module and a relay output module are also available.
    • GX90XA Analog input module: DC voltage, DC current, thermocouple, RTD, contact
    • GX90XA-10-V1: High withstand voltage AI module: Max. common mode voltage Double insulation 600V, basic insulation 1000VDC
    • GX90XA-04-H0 High Speed AI Module: DC voltage, DC current, thermocouple, RTD, contact
    • GX90XA-06-R1 4-Wire RTD Module: 4-wire RTD, 4-wire resistance
    • GX90YA Analog output module: Current output (Isolated between channels)
    • GX90XD Digital input module: Remote control input or operation recording
    • GX90YD Digital output module: Alarm output
    • GX90WD Digital input/output module: Remote control input or operation recording/alarm output
    • GX90XP Pulse intput module: Pulse signal data acquisition, integral count
    • GX90UT PID control module: PID control (2 loop)

Front panel door available in white or black

  • Choose the best color for your operating environment.

Multichannel I/O

  • GX10 and GX20 support up to 30 channels and 100 channels of input respectively.
  • Up to 450 inputs available with an expansion unit that provides easy Ethernet connection to the recorder. 

Smart Functionality

AI Function as standard 

  • Predict the future and simultaneously display from the past to the future, and predict and notify you of the set events by e-mail etc.

PID control

  • Enables PID and program control (up to 20 loops per system)
  • The web application enables remote operation and monitoring from a browser.
  • Various pre-configured control screens and display are available.
  • Setpoint program control function (up to 99 patterns)

Dual interval measurement

  • Users have the ability to choose two different scan intervals on a single GX system.

Direct output to printers

  • You can print out reports and snapshots directly from the GX, without going through a PC.

Convenient report creation function

  • Reports can be created automatically using a spreadsheet template created in Excel. You can also output to a PDF file.

Browser-based real time monitoring *

  • A web browser can be used to fully access the GX using two operating modes— Data and Configuration.

21 CFR Part 11 support (option)

  • Strict security measures and FDA 21 CFR Part11 / EU-GMP Annex 11 / Data integrity support

Easy connection with WT series powermeters (option)

  • Easily acquire and record measured data from power measuring instruments (WT series, power analyzers).

DARWIN compatible functions (Ethernet, RS-422/485, RS-232)

  • Upgrade smoothly from DARWIN data acquisition instruments.

Multi-batch Function (option)

  • Recorder pre-defined channel groups to separate data files with independent start and stop control.

SLMP Communication (Mitsubishi PLC) (option)

  • Protocol function that enables connection from a GX to Mitsubishi Electric PLCs without sequence programs.

OPC-UA Server (option)

  • Data acquired by the GX can be accessed through Ethernet communication from a host system (OPC-UA client).

Supports the aerospace industry’s AMS2750/NADCAP for heat treatment applications (option)

  • Calibration correction schedule control function
    Schedule management for periodically executing calibration correction configuration and the like.

Supports the automotive industry’s CQI-9 for heat treatment applications (option)

  • Compliant with heat treatment standard CQI-9 adopted by major companies in the automotive industry.

Instruction Manuals: Yokogawa Touch Screen GX10/GX20 Paperless Recorder Manual

General Specification: Yokogawa Touch Screen GX10/GX20 Paperless Recorder Specification

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