Yokogawa FLXA21 2-Wire Liquid Analyzer


Yokogawa FLXA21 PH Analyzer

-D – Power Supply: 2-Wire 24VDC
-P – Housing: Plastic
-D – Display: Anti-glare LCD
-AB – Type: General Purpose for CE, RCM
-P1 – 1st Input: pH/ORP
-NN – 2nd Input: Without Input
-A – Output: 4-20mA + HART
-N – Always -N
-LA – Language Set: English and 11 languages
-N – Country: Global Except Japan
-NN – Always -N
/UM – Mounting Hardware: Universal Mounting Kit


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Support of Up to Two Sensors

Through the installation of up to two sensors, FLXA21 realizes interruption-free measurement even during maintenance. For dual sensor measurement, the sensor modules must be the same analyzing parameter. Dual sensor measurement offers additional functionalities, including a variety of calculated data from the two measuring parameters and the option to program the analyzer as a redundant system.

Advanced Functions

The FLXA21 can accept any of four types of measurements: pH/ORP, Contacting Conductivity (SC), Inductive Conductivity (ISC), and Dissolved Oxygen (DO)Sensors with self-diagnostic capabilities. Additional functions include:

  • Continuous measurement of sensor impedance, asymmetric potential, and slope, and continuous monitoring for electrode contamination/damage, burnout, and the decline in measurement liquid level (ex. pH Analyzer)
  • Online Sensor Wellness checking for predictive maintenance

Clear Touch Panel Display for Improved Operability

The FLEXA™ series analyzer provides improved operability with intuitive touchscreen operation, featuring a clear display and user-friendly indication with 12 languages. A quick setup menu for immediate measurement and a display of sensor status and estimated maintenance time improve efficiency. The interactive screen is housed in a robust aluminum die-cast housing (FLXA202) or plastic construction (FLXA21).

Modular Design for Increased Scalability

The FLEXA™ series analyzer features a modular design with replaceable sensor modules, enabling the construction of various systems. Users can opt to do without a display and select the case material (plastic or stainless steel).

  • Support up to 2 liquid analyzer sensors
  • Improved operability with clear touch panel display
  • Modular design
  • 2-Wire type

Data Sheet: Yokogawa FLXA21 Liquid Analyzer Datasheet
Instruction Manual: Yokogawa FLXA21 Instruction Manual

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