Yokogawa CA300 Series Process Calibrator

Yokogawa CA320 Thermocouple Calibrator

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  • Basic accuracy: 0.5°C (Typical of TC type K)
    *Including accuracy of internal RJC
  • Corresponds to 16 types of TC standard (JIS/IEC/DIN/ASTM/GOST R)
  • Sub display displays the value of voltage source and span%
  • Corresponds to various types of the source pattern
    (Step sweep/ Linear sweep/ Manual step/ Span check)
  • Corresponds to other TC types by mV source function
  • Measures TC sensor output as a thermometer


CA320 corresponds to 16 types of TC for sourcing. It achieves a high basic accuracy of 0.5°C (typical of type K), three times better than the previous model which enables it to operate a highly reliable test. Additionally, the difference of temperature between objects can be compensated, by using an external RJ sensor or a compensating lead wire.


CA320 can measure the output of TC like a thermometer. It achieves the basic accuracy of 0.5°C (typical of type K), three times better than the previous model, and is for multiple uses for process temperature measuring by corresponding to 16 types of TC.

Addition of Sub Display

The sub-display additionally shows span%, source value of voltage, or resistance, while the main display shows the setting value.

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