Gems CAP-300 Series Capacitance Level Sensor

Vögtlin Instruments GIM Red-y Industrial Mass Flow Meter

  • Explosion Proof Type Mass Flow Meter
  • Combination of Analog & Digital interface as standard
  • Built-in LED Operating Status Indication
  • ±1.0% High accuracy
  • 1:50 High turndown ratio
  • Free Get Red-y Software for efficient device management
  • Safe and Fast Control with a low leak rate
  • Built-in display (Optional)
  • Multigas (Optional)
  • Profibus (Optional)
  • 3-Years Warranty

Vogtlin Red-y Industrial (GIM) is a digital thermal mass flow meters & controllers with IP67 & Explosion-proof protection means for hazardous application. Vogtlin Red-y Industrial are the combinations of Red-y Smart with a rugged body to serve hazardous environment.

Electrical Connection comes standard with cable gland with the compression fitting, while M12 plug available as optional. Stainless Steel 316L is the only material for body across all range of Vogtlin Red-y Industrial, while Aluminium as the standard material for the housing.

Red-y Industrial Meter, GIM with the capability of measuring up to 300ln/min of H2 with standard G1/4″ process connection. To ease in most industry-standard Connection & communication, GIM equipped with both Analogue and Digital type of output. To provide a standard for Digital communication, a free Get Red-y Software also RS-485 ready for analogue output configuration. The option of multigas measurements is possible under one mass flow meter. Hence accuracy is never compromising.

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